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Author: Tyler Clark

Tyler Clark is a writer and editor of Lodestone Blog. He is an economics graduate and prospective economist. He writes about public economics, antitrust, and the political economy (in addition to barking about writing & grammar). Follow Him On Twitter @traptamagotchi

Far From Being Perfectly Competitive, Markets are Perfect at Extraction & Exploitation

There are no more illusions that ordinary workers, from the gig economy to each corner of the service industry, are robbed every day of a livable wage and are increasingly denied access to the broader economy because they cannot even afford to pay to purchase the fruits of their own…

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The Senate announced that the negotiations for second round of COVID-19 stimulus checks will be shelved until they reconvene September 8th. One would argue that in such a perilous time — one marked by significant blitz of evictions as moratoriums on rent end and an attempt to gut the USPS…

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Jamie Ellsbury Interview

We took a short break to interview this aspiring writer about her blog, Ear Joy! We met Jamie through Twitter. She’s a self-proclaimed (and endearingly unapologetic) “wannabe writer.” Jamie’s blog houses a wholly enjoyable musical panoply of posts ranging from the five best songs you should keep on repeat in…

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On Writing: Part 2

Getting through the hard part of writing is forcing yourself to write, even if it’s a little bit, consistently. And not only consistently. I’ve come to understand that you can’t (well, you really can) simply write only once inspiration reaches a crescendo. Some of the best works of art are…

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On Writing

To take from Max Alvarez, writing is labor. I’ve figured that I cannot slack off now if improvement and clarity are my goals. Since starting a new job, my first “real” post-college gig, I’ve finally experienced the toil of commute, monotony, and an unchanging schedule in the prototypical office setting.…

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