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Category: Literary Corner

On Writing: Part 2

Getting through the hard part of writing is forcing yourself to write, even if it’s a little bit, consistently. And not only consistently. I’ve come to understand that you can’t (well, you really can) simply write only once inspiration reaches a crescendo. Some of the best works of art are…

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On Writing

To take from Max Alvarez, writing is labor. I’ve figured that I cannot slack off now if improvement and clarity are my goals. Since starting a new job, my first “real” post-college gig, I’ve finally experienced the toil of commute, monotony, and an unchanging schedule in the prototypical office setting.…

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Animal Farm Lit. Review

Wow. This novel from acclaimed socialist author, George Orwell, stands the test of time with a manifold of modern motifs and subtle lessons for discursive political strife and class struggle. This book is as important and as relevant as ever. It has subtle lessons about rebellion, self-governance, and propaganda. My…

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