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Jamie Ellsbury Interview

We took a short break to interview this aspiring writer about her blog, Ear Joy!

We met Jamie through Twitter. She’s a self-proclaimed (and endearingly unapologetic) “wannabe writer.” Jamie’s blog houses a wholly enjoyable musical panoply of posts ranging from the five best songs you should keep on repeat in your “feels” playlist to specific EP reviews—all packaged neatly with a goodly charm. Entries on her music blog, Ear Joy, illuminate a pleasantly sincere commentary about her most cherished music—where each entry is written with bracing color and unreservedness. We’re confident that through her diligent work and captivating blog, she’ll rightfully crescendo into a serious writing role. A lightly edited transcript of our interview is below. We’ll also plug Jamie’s blog and Twitter. Thanks again to Jamie for helping us with this post, and we’re glad to be bringing new content in the future.

Je présente: The Interview

Tyler: Reading through your posts, it seems that you care deeply about the particular music you’ve elected to write about. Would you say you’re writing about you favorite music?

Jamie: I would say that I am. I typically try to write about music I enjoy listening to or that I find interesting.  I’ve tried to write about music that I’m not necessarily interested in, but the posts always feel forced. At that point it just feels like I’m putting out content for the sake of putting out new content and I hate that. I never want to put something out that isn’t something I would be proud of. 

Tyler: What Inspired you to write about music? Would you like to keep writing about music in the future? 

Jamie: I’ve always had a deep appreciation for music. When I was younger I was constantly buying CDs and carrying around totes with CD cases to play in the car. Then it went from CDs to MP3 players and what not. I’ve always felt connected to music and I feel like I always look for the deeper meaning in it. I decided to write about music because I always found myself telling my friends about songs or artists. I would tell them about back stories to songs or who/what it was supposedly about and I thought it would be really cool to share it on a bigger platform. 

I would love to keep writing about music. My initial plan was to attend concerts and review the artists live compared to the studio versions of their songs, but COVID-19 put that idea to a screeching halt. I would love to possibly even start a podcast about music in the future.

[Just as a side note: We’re 90’s children, so we were at the tail end of MP3s and illegal pirating music from sites that would inevitably give our computers viruses. Oh, and CDs are somehow still a thing.] Also, we were going to ask to be invited on Jamie’s hopeful music podcast, but decided against politely inviting ourself on account of the fact that nobody wants to hear about that one time Tyler went to a Canadian pop punk band’s show with like…20 people (or was it 15?).

Tyler: If you could go to any show for any artist who would it be and what would you hope you could write about them?

Jamie: John Mayer, hands down. I would love to just write about the atmosphere of the concert, his guitar playing, and the feeling of listening to the songs that I’ve listened to in my bedroom for years in person. It would be an unreal feeling to see him live. He has so many amazing songs and his guitar playing is otherworldly so I think it would be quite an amazing experience. 

I would also say Harry Styles but I feel like people don’t take me as serious when I say his name. In their defense, I was (still am) a huge One Direction fan so they just relate his music to that I guess. My love of 1D may make me bias, but he seems like an all around great guy with incredible music. I think he really surprised people with his first album and how retro/rock and roll it was. I don’t think anyone expected it. If music legends like Stevie Nicks can get inspiration from his latest album Fine Line then I think that says a lot about not only his music but him as an artist. 

Tyler: What are your general reflections about writing? What do you want your readers to come away with after reading you? 

Jamie: have always loved writing and being able to express myself. I took a creative writing course in college and I think that’s where my love for writing really grew. I’ve written poetry, short stories, etc. and I can honestly say it’s a whole different feeling knowing that anyone can read my blog. I love the pressure that I get from having a blog and how I can *hopefully* get across how invested I am in what I’m writing. I want to inspire people to do something they’re passionate about. 

I also try not to talk badly about artists, which is why I don’t write any blogs about music that I dislike. I feel like there’s so much negativity out there already and I don’t want to contribute to it. Plus I look at bands like the 1975 who had nothing but terrible reviews when they started out and now they’re one of the biggest bands out there.

Tyler: Who are your favorite writers? Why?

Jamie: Katie Cotugno and Candace Bushnell are two of my favorites. I do find myself reading a lot of Young Adult books so I have read several different books from Nicola Yoon, Sarah Dessen, and Angie Thomas.

Katie Cotugno and Candace Bushnell are feminist writers and I love their work. Katie Cotugno wrote the book 99 Days and also 9 Days and 9 Nights, which are more on the cheesy, romantic side but I loved reading them. Candace Bushnell is the best selling author for Sex And The City and The Carrie Diaries. They recently put out a book together called Rules For Being A Girl and I cant wait to read it. 

Tyler: What are some of the most valuable things you’ve learned from your experience as a budding writer, and more particularly about writing about music?

Jamie: I have learned that everyone is opinionated when it comes to music and most people tend to think that their way of thinking is the right way. As much as I hate to admit it, I can definitely be like this at times. 

I’ve also realized that I have so much more to learn about the music I listen to. There’s a lot that goes into producing music, let alone an album, and I would love to learn more about the process.

So there it is! Big shout out (and thanks) to Jamie Ellsbury for taking the time to talk with us. You can go check out her blog Ear Joy, and follow her on Twitter @jamieleecvrtis

See you next time.